Publicly notified resource consents

Nelson Regional Sewerage Business Unit


APPLICATION NUMBERS: RM165114, RM165115, and RM165116
APPLICANT: Nelson Regional Sewerage Business
LOCATION: Coastal Pipeline Route and pump stations at Wakatu Industrial Estate, Saxton Street, Songer Street and Nelson Airport


Resource consent is sought for discharge permits to discharge to land, Coastal Marine Area (Waimea Estuary) and Air from accidental wastewater overflow from four pump stations located on the edge of Waimea Inlet, and from the pipework or pipeline fittings that make up the infrastructure of the Nelson Regional Sewerage Business Unit network. The discharges arise as a result of emergency overflows from the pump stations and/or accidental discharges from pipeline failures or leakage. More specifically, the applicant seeks consent for the following types of discharges:

  • Overflow discharges which occur as a result of excess flow (for example due to a heavy rain event)
  • Overflow discharges due to failure to pump (for example due to equipment failure)
  • Accidental discharges, which occur principally due to the accidental rupturing or leakage from pipework or pipeline fittings
  • Associated discharges of odour

The discharges are of largely untreated (screened) municipal sewage. Overflow discharges occur intermittently at the Nelson Airport, Saxton Street, Songer Street and Whakatu pump stations. Discharges occur either directly to the coastal marine area (Nelson Airport and Songer Street pump stations) or to land and then the coastal marine area (Whakatu and Saxton Street pump stations).


Submissions have now closed. Hearing Date 12-15 December 2017.
Hearing Adjourned 13 December 2017.
Hearing Closed 25 January 2018.

Further information

Technical Reviews

Applicants Evidence

Reporting Officers Response (520KB PDF)
Applicants Final Right of Reply (494KB PDF)
Commissioner Decision (900KB PDF)

Nelson Water Supply Scheme on the Maitai River


APPLICATION NUMBERS: 165122(Land Use), RM165192(Water Take) and RM165193(Discharge)
APPLICANT: Nelson City Council
LOCATION: Maitai Valley Road, Nelson
PROPOSAL: Resource consent is sought to continue to operate the Nelson Water Supply Scheme on the Maitai River which requires a range of resource consents.


Submissions have now closed.


Gaire Thompson, Boulder Bank Drive

APPLICANT: Gaire Thompson
LOCATION: 1 Boulder Bank Drive, Nelson
PROPOSAL: Resource consent is sought for Land use consent (RM165175) and a coastal permit (RM165339) relating to the deposition of recycled building material (which may contain contaminants) along the foreshore at 1 Boulder Bank Drive which includes the reclamation of the foreshore by creating revetments (seawalls) with the aim of preventing coastal erosion (part retrospective).     

165175 Application (5.8MB PDF)

Submissions have closed. Hearing Date 27 October 2017.
Hearing Closed 1 December 2017.
Commissioner Decision 18 December 2017 (2.1MB PDF)


Raines Dam


Raines Estate Oaklands Limited

LOCATION: 1 Hill Street, Nelson 

Consent is sought to re-authorise the existing dam structure in the upper catchment of 1 Hill Street to allow the continued storage of water captured on a tributary of Saxton Stream

145254 Application as Notified (9MB PDF)

Submissions have closed. Hearing postponed until further notice.

Making a submission on a publicly notified resource consent

Submission forms and copies of the application material may be obtained at the Nelson City Council Customer Service Centre, Ground floor, Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street.

Submissions can be made by any person, in writing, on form ‘SUB96’ or in a similar form and should be addressed to the Chief Executive, Nelson City Council, PO Box 645, Nelson, Attention Consents Administrator.

Download a submission form for a publicly notified resource consent. (36KB PDF)

Who can make a submission?

Any person may make a submission to the Council on a resource consent application that has been publicly notified.

What's involved in making a submission?

Any submission shall:

  • Be in writing.
  • Be served on the Nelson City Council, PO Box 645, Nelson, no later than the closing date specified in the public notice (20 working days after the date of notification).
  • Also be served on the applicant as soon as possible after serving the submission on the Council.

What should be included in a submission?

State the reasons for making the submission and the decision that the person wishes the Council to make (ie, grant or refuse consent) and the general nature of any conditions sought. Whether or not the person making the submission wishes to be heard in respect of the submission.

Speaking about your submission at the hearing

All persons lodging a written submission have the right to attend and speak at the hearing of the application. You may be represented by a chosen person (i.e. a lawyer or planner or friend), and/or make a joint submission with other persons. You are entitled to make your submission in the Maori language, however, the Council needs early advice of this to allow time to organise an interpreter. If you feel you may be affected by a proposal, you should make a submission. If you do not, you will have no opportunity to do so at a later stage, and no right to appeal any decision.

Any persons making a submission and indicating a desire to be heard at a hearing will be notified of the hearing date and, at a later date, the decision. They will also receive a copy of the planning report prepared on behalf of the Council approximately one week before the hearing.

If you intend to be heard and wish to present additional information to support your submission, you should provide twelve (12) copies at the hearing.

Should you later decide to withdraw your submission for any reason, the Council would appreciate you advising the consents administrator in writing as soon as possible. Once you have withdrawn your submission, its contents cannot be considered at the hearing. If you decide, after withdrawing, that you still want a say, then you must make a new submission.

Hearing Closed 25 January 2018


Commissioner Decision