Reduce speed limits Locking Street

Nelson Speed Limit Bylaw 2004 No 210

Reducing the speed limit on Locking Street from 50kph to 30kph

Adopted 12 August 2010

At the Council meeting of 12 August 2010, several submitters were heard and following discussion the Council decided to adopt the proposed changes.

Focus on speed limit changes

This consultation considered only the changes needed to the Speed Limit Bylaw. The Residential Shared Zone plans have been consulted on and approved.

What is a Residential Shared Zone?

The Residential Shared Zone (RSZ) is an innovative and affordable new traffic safety scheme to slow down cars, reduce non-resident ‘passing through’ traffic and make your streets safer for walking and cycling – providing a more friendly, attractive neighbourhood where people ‘stop, look and smile’.

A key feature of the RSZ is that pedestrians and cyclists share the road with motor vehicles – with some added features that make it safer for everyone:

  • 30 KPH speed limit
  • Specially-designed narrow entryways at each end of the street to slow drivers and make it obvious that they are entering a restricted speed zone
  • Tree plantings and other features, such as ‘speed tables’, to further encourage slower driving and improve the neighbourhood atmosphere

More on Residential Shared Zones

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