Reduce speed limits Main Road Stoke

Nelson Speed Limit Bylaw 2004 No 210

Reducing the speed limit on a length of Main Road Stoke and part of Salisbury Road from 80kph to 50kph

Adopted 12 August 2010

At the Council meeting of 12 August 2010, several submitters were heard and following discussion the Council decided to adopt the proposed changes.

Main Road Stoke

In October 2009 Main Road Stoke residents petitioned the Council to reduce the speed limit. This request was subsequently supported by NZ Police and the Road Transport Association. Traffic studies also supported the change. At their meeting on 25 March, 2010, the Council decided to adopt the requested changes.

Salisbury Road

This section of Nelson road, between two major roundabouts, is considered too short for safe travel at 80kph. The adjoining stretch of road in Tasman District is already 50kph. 50kph is the appropriate speed for urban surface streets in residential and commercial areas, allowing safe travel for pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles.

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