Regional Policy Statement 2007 consultation

Document drafting postponed

A Draft Nelson Regional Policy Statement (RPS) was to be developed to recognise the cross boundary issues between Nelson and Tasman, particularly in relation to managing growth, but it has been postponed indefinitely.

The Environment Committee considered the draft vision and issues of the Regional Policy Statement and the feedback on the consultation document at their meeting of 4 December 2007.

The RPS (operative from March 1997) provides an overview of major resource management issues, policies and actions. It also covers Nelson City Council commitments to environmental monitoring, heritage protection, and non-regulatory methods of providing good environmental management.

What is the Regional Policy Statement (RPS)

Council is required to have a RPS under the Resource Management Act. Its purpose is to give an overview of the main resource management issues in our area and outline how we will achieve sustainable management of natural and physical resources in Nelson. 

Ten year review

The RPS needs to be reviewed every ten years to make sure it is up to date with Nelson’s existing and future environmental challenges. Read more about the summary draft document.

Definition of terms: what is a resource management issue?

Resource management is a broad term relating to how natural and physical resources are managed.  Examples of natural resources are the coast, freshwater, land, and air.  Examples of physical resources are buildings, roads and the electricity network. Resource management issues are those problems or conflicts arising from how people and communities use, manage or protect these resources. The RPS needs to address:

  • the effects of our activities on air, water, soil and ecosystems
  • allocation of resources, especially when a resource is scarce
  • effects on others arising from resource use and
  • the long term needs of future communities and people.


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