People’s Panel Survey on Urban Environment Bylaws

Bylaws are rules made by the Council that affect the way we live, work and play in certain areas and aim to reduce nuisance or offensive behaviour. This survey covered a range of urban issues, including rules about chickens, cats and beehives kept in urban areas, busking, fundraising, and begging in public places, street advertising and alcohol-free areas. The survey aimed to understand the community’s range of views on these topics. The results inform the options included in the Statement of Proposal, which goes out to the community for formal consultation and submissions.

The survey was conducted in August 2014 and there were 473 responses.

The key findings were:

  • 79% think there should be a rule about the location of chicken coops
  • 96% selected the two options provided regarding the distance between the coop and neighbouring houses, with 43% saying coops should be at least five metres away and 53% saying at least ten metres.
  • 66% think the number of chickens should be less than 6, with 55% saying 4-6
  • 85% think there should be a rule about the number of cats, with 49% selecting 2 cats and 20% selecting 3 cats
  • 60% think there should be a rule about beehives
  • 41% think there should be a rule about sleeping in caravans
  • 69% agree buskers should give their contact details to the Council before performing on public land and 92% agree that buskers must get permission to perform from the shop or business they are performing in front of.
  • 61% think buskers should be able to play for longer than 30 minutes
  • 83% think begging should NOT be allowed
  • An even split whether schools, community groups or charities wanting to ask for donations or selling lottery tickets on public land should have written permission from Council or not with 79% then agreeing they should only be required to provide the Council with their contact details and get a copy of the rules
  • 90% think street advertising should be limited to ONE item, 81% agree with the current rules about where the advertising can be placed, and an even split whether all advertising should be by the kerb
  • 74% support a liquor ban in Victory Square Reserve
  • 95% support a liquor ban in the Fresh Choice carparks. 

Click here to download the full summary of this survey (223KB PDF).