Sponsor a hanging basket

How the baskets are funded

The hanging baskets are funded through the cooperation of local businesses who pay a per basket fee of $40 (plus gst) each season. For baskets outside the CBD the cost is $120 (plus GST).

These fees account for approximately 25% of the total programme costs. The remainder comes from the Council with a portion of the budget raised from parking meter revenue in the CBD.

Thank you

The Council would like to say a special thanks to all the businesses who so willingly support the beautification of Nelson by funding the hanging baskets. Your investment is helping create a lasting positive impression of our vibrant city for locals and visitors.

Get involved ... sponsor the hanging baskets

Around the Nelson CBD are several 'non-business' areas including the Maitai River Bridge on Trafalgar Street and the Light Poles in Trafalgar Street. You can be involved in sponsoring or helping to fund the baskets in these areas. Contact Council on +64 3 546 0200 or fill out the form below.

Fill out your contact details, tick the relevant boxes, and the form will be sent to Council staff for followup. We will then be in touch regarding your involvement.

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