3 May 2012

Council responds to dog bylaw feedback

Nelson City Council has responded to submissions on its Dog Control Policy and Bylaw Review by developing a new proposal based on feedback from submitters.

Due to Local Government Act consultation requirements, Council will carry out a further round of consultation with the community as the revised dog proposal is substantially different from the original proposal.

Deputy Mayor Ali Boswijk says the new proposal takes on board the feedback that was put forward during initial consultation on the proposed bylaw in February.

“This is good news. We’ve taken into account people’s feedback and are responding accordingly. Ultimately, the dog bylaw we are proposing will take a default position where dogs can be off-leash everywhere, except areas which are identified as prohibited or on-lead.

“Hindsight is a wonderful thing and perhaps we should have spent more time talking with the wider community before we drafted the original Statement of Proposal. This is a good learning for us and something we will take on board in future.”

The revised Statement of Proposal will go to Council for final sign off before it is put forward to the public for consultation.

“We will keep everyone updated on the dates for the second round of consultation and all 700 submitters will receive a letter outlining our next steps,” says Ms Boswijk.

Summary of Council’s preferred direction for the Dog Control Policy and Bylaw:

  • Dogs to be prohibited from the part of Marsden Valley Reserve to the east of the Barnicoat Walkway
  • Retain Girlies Hole and Black Hole as swimming holes for dogs during summer (December to March) and allow dogs in all holes during the remainder of the year
  • Add Sand Island to the list of dog prohibited areas
  • Dogs to be prohibited from the Maitai Cricket Ground during the cricket season but they can exercise there from April to September.
  • The shared pathways (Railway Reserve and Atawhai Shared Pathway) will become off-leash areas
  • The Maitai Walkway to remain an off-leash area for dogs
  • Seventeen neighbourhood reserves will remain on-lead areas for dogs as requested by submitters
  • The Good Dog Owner Policy will be amended with input from the Dog Owner’s Group and other interested parties.

In addition, Council is looking at establishing a dedicated dog park at Saxton Field where dogs can exercise off-lead.