23 Feb 2012

Recovery Plan shows the way

Priorities have been set to repair the damage caused by last December’s flooding, with some urgent work already underway while larger jobs will need to be considered as part of the Long Term Plan which opens in April. 

Following completion by the Recovery Manager and sign-off of the Recovery Action Plan by Nelson’s Chief Executive Officer, Nelson City Council has  started   approximately $3m worth of priority works needed as part of the region’s Recovery Plan this financial year. The plan is an internal management document.

Council’s Executive Manager Network Services, Alec Louverdis says around $4m worth of capital work was placed on hold immediately following the extreme rainfall event and late last month around $2m of this was released to continue some of the capital works programme. $2m worth of projects is still on hold to allow this much needed urgent recovery works to proceed. The urgent recovery work involves various roading repairs, water, stormwater and track repairs, but larger projects such as the Cable Bay Road need more investigation and design work to give a more accurate picture.

A key priority will be the removal of gravel from city streets and all of Council’s rivers and streams, whose capacity have been severely reduced and means even a small rain event, could again cause problems. A large portion of the $3m recovery will be spent on this item. “It’s essential that we remove as much gravel build-up as possible and it is now a matter of working on what needs to be done for future protection” Alec says.

The second major priority will be focussing on fast tracking design work to finalise solutions for the many slips around the area including around Council’s key infrastructure such as reservoirs and the existing Maitai pipeline. Design work will also focus on other areas spread out over the entire City with large work planned around The Brook, Harbour Terrace, Princes Drive and Allan Street.  

“The focus needs to be on permanent solutions not temporary patch work”.     

Other immediate issues are replacing motors at two of Council’s wastewater pump stations which burnt out during the rainfall event.

Council will consider the larger ticket items which require reports as part of the Long term plan.