11 Apr 2012

Second stage of NBus on the road

The second stage of delivery of the new improved NBus service was successfully launched this week.

The local bus service around Nelson (previously known as The Bus) has now changed over to become part of the NBus network. This will see the service on these routes improved in several ways:

  • The buses run much more often - for example The Brook route has gone from five to 15 buses a day.
  • The buses run for longer during the day - from 6.40am to 6.30pm.
  • The Brook and Atawhai routes are now more direct making for a faster journey.
  • The Brook route has been extended all the way to the motor camp.
  • The Washington Valley route has been retained with three buses a day.

The Nelson/Richmond timetable has also had some small tweaks to reflect the journey time and to better connect with the around Nelson services.

Infrastructure Portfolio Holder Councillor Gail Collingwood says “The increased frequency of the Nelson to Richmond service has been very well received so far. This next stage is about improving the routes that the smaller buses travel and making is easier to connect to the Nelson/Richmond service. It really does mean more flexibility and convenience for everyone wanting to use the NBus service.”

The integrated service now means you don’t need to buy separate tickets if you are travelling on a combination of the two routes.  Customers can just pay their fare according to how many zones they want to travel in and get a transfer ticket from the driver.

You can check out more information on the website, www.nbus.co.nz or collect a copy of the new revised timetable from the Council office or SBL depot in Bridge Street.