Media Releases

19 Oct 2017

Consultation on Council’s proposed contribution to the Waimea Dam project

Nelson City Council (NCC) will consult with the community on a proposal to contribute $5 million to the Waimea Community Dam (WDC) project, in the form of a grant. At a full Council meeting on Wednesday 18 October, Council received a staff recommendation to proceed with a grant. This recommendation was based on economic and regional water supply benefits and Council’s approach to working collaboratively with partners to achieve the best outcome for the Nelson Tasman region.

18 Oct 2017

Community Investment Fund Small Grant Allocations made for 2017/18

Nelson City Council’s Community Investment Fund small grant allocation has seen $50,000 distributed across various community groups in Nelson. 

The allocations were made by the Community Investment Funding Panel which was established in 2015 following a review of the Community Assistance Policy.

5 Oct 2017

Construction on hold for Modellers Pond

The Sport and Recreation Committee has decided to put the upgrade of the Modellers Pond on hold for this current financial year (2017/18), while a detailed business case is done that will consider a range of options.

22 Sep 2017

Council approves new Special Housing Areas

At a full Council meeting on 21 September, Nelson City Council approved seven new and two amendments to Special Housing Areas (SHAs) for recommendation to the Minister of Building and Construction.
The SHAs considered were:

22 Sep 2017

Upper Trafalgar Street trial closure to go ahead

Council has approved the proposal to temporarily close Upper Trafalgar Street to traffic. The trial closure will run from 1 December 2017 until 31 March 2018. Emergency vehicles will have access at all times and delivery vehicles will have access from 7am – 9am every day.

7 Sep 2017

Let's talk about the Long Game

Later this month, national and international experts will be heading to Nelson to deliver a series of events designed to inspire a community conversation about ageing.