9 Mar 2017

Draft Annual Plan adopted for consultation

Nelson City Council has today adopted its Consultation Document for the 2017/18 draft Annual Plan.

The draft Plan outlines exceptions to year 3 (2017/18) of the 2015 – 2025 Long Term Plan.

Mayor Rachel Reese says this year’s draft Plan continues the momentum of the Long Term Plan to support our growing region.

“In our long term planning we outlined significant investment in core infrastructure and this work continues as part of this Plan,” says Mayor Reese.

For the 2017/18 year, the capital programme is proposed to be $47.3m. Projects include important stormwater upgrades at York Stream and Saxton Creek; walking and cycling projects throughout the city; and Neale Park pump station upgrade.

“We are committed to supporting our city’s development and protecting our private and public assets,” she says.

“We are also working to ensure our community is well supported through high quality facilities and this year we will see the completion of Greenmeadows community and sports facility showing our commitment to our fastest growing suburb, Stoke.”

Further projects to provide even better use of our city’s assets will be developed this year, with funding for further work on the development of the Haven Precinct.

Two new mountain bike tracks to link the Maitai to the Tantragee Saddle as well as design work for a new mountain bike hub in the Maitai Valley is also included in the Plan.

“Enjoying the outdoors is something our community is very passionate about. We have been working closely with the mountain biking community to deliver on planned projects that will enhance the Nelson surrounds and create world class mountain biking facilities.”

The Plan also includes funding to continue the important work Council is doing to support and improve the Nelson environment. Within our major projects – Project Maitai and Nelson Nature – there will be continued efforts to improve the health of our rivers and streams – building on the valuable work from previous years.

In this Plan, Council has also provided funding towards biennial events including China Week (with funding of $25,000) and Light Nelson (with funding of $100,000).

“Events are an important way of encouraging both locals and visitors to enjoy our beautiful city, and I look forward to seeing these events come back to the city as they allow us to celebrate our creativity and culture,” Mayor Reese says.

“Council’s support for our city’s creativity is also seen in our funding contribution towards the upgrade of the Nelson School of Music building," Mayor Reese adds.

"As one of the oldest institutions of its type in New Zealand and having been described as providing some of the best acoustics in the Southern Hemisphere, it is an important facility that will be a huge asset when the doors reopen.”

The draft Annual Plan includes an overall increase in rates required of 2.8%.

“I am pleased to present a rates rise in line with the Long Term Plan projection. This is as a result of careful thinking during plan development and much effort to keep the work programme on track to ensure we are investing in projects that support the vitality of the city,” Mayor Reese says.

Council has produced a consultation document which outlines the key projects set out in the Plan. The consultation period will run from 17 March to 18 April.

Submissions can be made online, from 17 March, at nelson.govt.nz.