Special Housing Areas

The Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act 2013 states that a Housing Accord must set out agreed targets and define how the Government and a council will work together to achieve the purposes of the Act. These targets will be achieved through the identification and development of Special Housing Areas in the City.

A Special Housing Area (SHA) is an area of the City suitable for new housing where the more permissive resource consenting powers of the Act can be used to fast track development. The legislation allows the council to consider requests for SHAs in existing urban areas. Development of new sections and homes in these areas will be ‘fast-tracked’ through the resource consenting process. Under the Accord, Nelson City Council has the ability to recommend SHAs to the Minister of Housing. 

While the conceptual nature of a development will be known at the time a Special Housing Area is considered, the finer details will be determined through a later resource consent process. 

Council has been working with interested developers to recommend Special Housing Areas (SHAs) to the Minister for Building and Housing. To date 10 SHAs have been gazetted in Nelson.

The qualifying development criteria for each SHA can be found in the consent orders:

Council will be considering new SHA expressions of interest until 30 June 2016. The HASHA Act will be partially repealed on 16 September 2016, this being the last date an application for resource consent can be made.

For any queries contact Lisa Gibellini, Development Projects Planner, lisa.gibellini@ncc.govt.nz or phone 03 546 0375.