Nelson Youth Strategy

In 2016, Nelson City Council identified there was more work to be done exploring the priorities for its work with youth. As a result Council decided to develop a Youth Strategy to refresh Council’s understanding of the key needs of young people, and what Council’s role may be in meeting those needs.

The strategy will help to meet Council’s community outcomes:

  • We support young people to grow into resourceful and resilient adults
  • Our youth can live, learn and work in Nelson
  • We nurture our young people so Nelson is a safe and healthy place for everyone to grow up and live
  • We support and mentor our youth to become the leaders of the future

Getting involved

Council has now gathered feedback from stakeholders in the community. This included a Reference Group. Council gathered feedback on:

  • What are the key issues young people in Nelson face
  • What should Council’s role be in addressing these
  • What are the key attributes Nelson offers young people
  • What would enhance the experience of young people in Nelson
  • How should Council prioritise its focus
  • What services are available to young people

The next step will be gathering feedback from the public about the Draft Youth Strategy in June 2017.

If you would like to get in touch about the Youth Strategy contact either:

Gabrielle Thorpe, Policy Adviser, 03 546 0305

Shanine Hermsen, Manager Community Partnerships, 03 546 0421