The Haven Precinct project


The Haven Precinct Concept Plan study area is shown below.

haven precinct project map oct2016

In the 2016/17 Annual Plan deliberations it is was resolved that Council officers investigate and provide early concept plans for the Haven Precinct.

From the Annual Plan submissions Council noted that it appreciated the enthusiasm from submitters for the Haven Precinct development, it is a priority project for Council, and there will be an opportunity for them to comment further once concept plans are developed.

The Haven Precinct development was reviewed in 2015 and a workshop with Council highlighted the study area and provided guidance on a vision and the goals for the Haven Precinct.


  1. Safe, engaging and attractive seafront (‘Gateway’) to showcase the city.
  2. Continuous and quality linkages with midway destinations. (Walk/cycle CBD to Tahunanui)
  3. Reasons to visit, spend time, supports and encourages spaces linked to the coastal marine environment as a whole.
  4. Port and marine underpinning the character of the precinct, a ‘Seafaring focus’


  1. Public realm within the waterfront space.
  2. Realistic aspirations on the retention/reuse of historic assets and other buildings.
  3. Development type – mix of public and private commercial opportunities.
  4. Increased economic activity in the area.

From July 2016 work began to procure the early concept design plans, this included an open request for proposals, to provide expertise to inform and prepare the concept design plans and options for the Haven Precinct.

Current status

The project scope has been formed and consultant NM Associates have been appointed to lead the project.