Neale Park Sewer Pump Station Upgrade

neale park

Consultant: Aurecon NZ Ltd
Project Manager: Nelson City Council
Budget: $6.3 million
Status: Detailed Design
Time frame: 5 years


Update March 2017

A resource consent has been granted for the work and the tender documents are being finalised. The tender period for the construction work will be eight weeks with earliest tender evaluation outcome expected in June 2017.

Work could start as early as August 2017 subject to tender award. The construction programme is expected to be  around 12months but contractors will have an available construction window and due date of completion extending to April 2019 to provide more flexibility in managing workload commitments.

Update December 2016

Detailed design has been completed and the resource consent is currently being processed. Tender documents will be put together in late January 2017. The tender period for the construction work will be eight weeks with tender evaluation in April 2017.

Work could start as early as May 2017 subject to tender award and an approved construction programme.

Update June 2016

Work is currently in the detailed design phase, with site investigation, geotech, survey and structural assessments completed. Construction plans are being finalised for tender, and a design report being prepared to support a resource consent application expected to be submitted late July 2016.

A tender for construction will follow and is expected to be awarded prior to Christmas.


This project is aligned with critical Council functions, protecting the health of the community and environment. Sewage from Bishopdale northwards is piped to the Neale Park pump station and then pumped to the Nelson Wastewater Treatment Plant along the state highway north of the city. Due to the distance, the pumps have to work at higher pressure and are not capable of delivering expected future sewage flows from planned city development.  Upgrading to new pumps will ensure the system can cope with future flows.

Neale Park pump station was constructed in the late 1960s. All the original pumps have now been replaced, rather than repaired, as parts were no longer available. The site layout has contributed to ongoing odour issues in the immediate vicinity. A new pump station is proposed for the site, making use of the existing building, and incorporating modern odour control and some wastewater pre-treatment.