Orphanage Stream Stormwater upgrade

  Orphanage Stream 1Orphanage Stream 2

Contractor: Ching Contracting
Project Manager: Tonkin and Taylor
Budget: $592,000
Status: Completed
Time frame: 5 months

Project completed July 2016

This project is now complete, thanks to everyone for their patience and co-operation while we carried out the work. It will provide protection to businesses in the area downstream of Main Road Stoke during large flood events. 


April 2016

Work is progressing well on this project, which involves upgrading the stormwater infrastructure and building a flood detention bund next to Main Road Stoke (opposite Bunnings).

During the current stage of the project you will be able to see work happening close to the Main Road. The current work will mean temporary underpass closures will be required at times so please look out for the signs and follow instructions from Council’s contractor. Closures will be kept to a minimum.

Part of the Circus Green parking area is also in use by our contractor for the duration of the project.

Once the excavation is complete and the flood detention bund is built, the area near the road will be replanted with native plants that are suited to the site.

The bund will minimise damage to downstream properties from a 1 in 100 year flood, in line with Council’s objectives in the Long Term Plan.

February 2016

A flood detention bund is being built at Orphanage Stream, adjacent to Main Road Stoke. The bund will minimise damage to downstream properties from a 1 in 100 year flood.  Work begins on site from the end of February and is expected to take around five months to complete. The works will restrict pedestrian and cyclist access to the underpass leading to the Railway Reserve shared path for a period of time. There will also be some restrictions for pedestrians around the Circus Green and football pitch areas of Saxton Field at various times.


Through the Long Term Plan 2015-25, Nelson City Council has endorsed the upgrading of streams and rivers in the central Nelson area where the risk to people and assets is high. Council will undertake upgrade works to cater for future one in 100 year (Q100) flows. This project is part of that programme.