Rocks Road to Maitai Walking and Cycling Improvements

Contractor TBC
Project Manager Opus
Funding Partner NZTA Urban Cycleway Initiative
Budget $1.9 Million
Status Investigation
Time Frame 2 Years

Rocks Road to Maitai Cycling Facility Indicative plan for consultation

Download this Map (946KB PDF)


Investigations into options for a facility to improve safety for cyclists and walkers along the Haven Road Portion of State Highway 6 have been undertaken. C consultation with landowners and stakeholders is underway and a decision on the final option to proceed to detailed design will is expected to be made in March 2017.


Nelson City Council and the New Zealand Transport Agency want to make cycling a safe, convenient and commonplace way of getting around Nelson.

Haven Road is a significant route for commuter cyclists travelling from Tahunanui to the CBD and back. However it currently has minimal facilities for the “interested but concerned” cyclist group. These are the cyclists who are not as confident as the daily commuter cyclist, but could be if they had appropriate facilities to use.

Four options have been considered as part of the investigation and a preferred option developed. These options include:

  • Do minimum consisting of providing a painted buffer to provide additional width to existing on road cycle lanes
  • A separated on road facility in either direction providing a physical barrier between traffic and cyclists
  • A shared pathway on the northern (Seaward) side of Haven Road (Preferred Option)
  • A shared pathway on the southern (inland) side of Haven Road

Download before and after visualisation information on Haven Road. (5.2MB PDF)

Once built, the new facility will form part of the coastal route identified by NZTA as key infrastructure. The project has been successful in obtaining Urban Cycleway Programme Funding from NZTA and is included in the 2015-2018 Regional Land Transport Plan and the 2015-2025 Log-term Plan.

Council has commissioned Opus Limited to deliver the next stage of the project. You can read more about the National Urban Cycleway Initiative.


The community and stakeholder groups were asked to provide feedback on the preferred option and how it should look and function if built. The feedback period closed on Wednesday 22 February 2017.