Women's Activator Series

2013-2014 season started 1 October

The sixth Nelson Women's Activator Series is set to started on Tuesday 1 October 2013 and is now finished.  This popular women only programme is a fantastic introduction to sports around the region, with 23 sessions over six months, including nine different sports and activities.

Visit the Women's Activator Series blog.

You may also contact the series co-ordinator, Amanda Dykzeul, on +64 3 545 8453.

What previous particpants have to say

"I could only swim half a length freestyle and indifferent breaststroke. Now I can swim length after length freestyle. My running was always a slow jog - I have discovered I can run further and faster."

"I now have a good variety of things to keep me active. At the age of 50 I have taken up running and loving it."

"I have got into swimming again and swim three times a week. I so enjoyed the mountain bike course my husband and I hope to do lots more over the summer."

"All sessions were wonderful and I have subsequently trained and can now run 5km. Great achievement for an exercise phobic like me."

"I gained confidence to enter more mainstream events discovering there were plenty of people my age and ability out there doing it too."

Find out more

The best way to stay in contact with the Activator organisers and participants is through the Women's Activator Series blog.

Additions and changes to the schedule will be posted on the blog and you can read up on posts from the local experts giving you advice and guidance as you work on your own during the rest of the week.