Sports Field Closures

Field Status Notes
General Sport Grounds Open  
Saxton Fields (grass) Open  
Trafalgar Park Open  
Waahi Taakaro Golf Course Open  

Last updated: 27 Feb 2017

Track Closures

Last updated: 9 Jan 2017

Roding Reserve Closure

Forestry harvesting work will continue in the Roding Reserve, at the end of Aniseed Valley, from 9 January until the end of the month. For safety reasons the Roding Reserve will be closed from Monday to Friday while the area is being harvested. Access will be permitted on weekends only.  The closure is for everyone’s safety so please respect the signs in place, stay out of the area during the week and take extra care when visiting on the weekend.

 Last updated: 2 Dec 2016

Track closed: Poorman’s Loop Track

Poorman’s Loop Track from the Barnicoat Walkway Road to the Junction (indicated in Red), is closed due to slips.

poormans valley stream dec 2016


Track closed: Part of the Memorial Loop Track

Part of the Memorial Loop Track (indicated in Red), is closed due to slips.

marsden valley road dec 2016