Youth employment profiles

Purpose of these profiles

  • These profiles have been developed to assist young people to make training and career choices based on the employment opportunities in the region.
  • These profiles aim to give accurate local information on employment prospects in the Nelson region, in a straightforward and logical manner.

How to use the profiles

  • People are encouraged to read through the profiles of interest.
  • Additional information and training opportunities can be obtained by using the contact details included in each profile, and from the contact sheet at the end.
  • Copies from the copying file can be made and given out.
  • A folder of original profiles should be held as a resource with the Careers Advisor, Tutor or appropriate person at each agency.  Follow up discussion with a careers advisor, tutor, or someone with whom they feel comfortable is encouraged so that interests are pursued and appropriate plans are put in place.

Each Profile covers

  • Introduction to the industry – giving basic information about each area.
  • Employment in the industry – more detailed information about type of jobs and numbers employed.
  • What employers are looking for – specific skills that you will need to do the job and attributes employers are looking for.
  • Current skill shortages – areas that need more employees.
  • Employment categories – a detailed description of each job within the industry with pay rates, staffing levels and training.
  • Some training pathways to employment – local training opportunities as well as other contacts for information.
  • Major employers – a list of some local employers.

The fifteen major Nelson-Tasman employment industries

There are fifteen key industries in the Nelson-Tasman region. Eac h of these has been profiled in downloadable PDF files.