Community Investment Fund Accountability Form

Due 1 May 2017

Please complete the following accountability form for your Community Investment Fund (formerly known as Community Assistance Fund) Agreement or Grant. Forms cannot be saved so you will need to complete it in the one sitting.

As reports are due 1 May, the last 2 months of the year will need to be forecast. Please advise if there are any changes from what you reported following its submission.

Please ensure that you have copies of all required supporting documents before completing the form. On submission of your report, you will receive an automated response via email with a copy of your accountability report.

All fields marked with * must be completed.


1. Organisation Details

Are you reporting on a grant or agreement?*

Please provide a copy of your most recent annual accounts. Ensure that all funding received from Nelson City Council is specified in your accounts.

Please provide scanned copies of receipts related to funding (over $500).
If you have more than 5 receipts, please email the scans to us, with the name of your organisation included.

Each file size should not exceed 1mb

3. Reporting outcomes

There is a limit of 3000 characters (approx 1200 words). If you can't submit your form, please check that you haven't exceeded this limit.

4. Signatory Sign Off

Our organisation has carried out the requirements of the contract to the best of our ability.