Community Investment Fund Application 2017-18

Welcome to the 2017/18 Community Investment Fund. Please read this application form carefully and fill out all areas.

You will be required to supply a budget for your project or activity. Please download this template (24KB DOCX) prior to completing the form below.

This form needs to be completed and submitted in one session. We suggest you download and review the questions (17KB DOCX) to help aid your application.

If you have questions relating to the form, please contact the Community Partnerships Advisers and/or book a workshop at one of our upcoming support sessions. For more information on our support sessions and to book a session, please fill out a request

Organisation Details

Please be as descriptive as possible about all aspects of your project or activity.

Which areas does your project contribute towards?
Select as many as are relevant to your project

Please provide 2-3 measureable outcomes for each of the following headings. 

(This is the number of things – it could be the number of activities, how regularly they were held or the number of people that were connected with through the programme or project activities.)

(This should be a percentage measure – measure could be the percentage of participants that completed the course, the percentage of a particular target group that attended a programme or activity, the percentage of participants that were happy with the standard of the programme.)

(This is often a number and percentage measure but should be based around a change in skills / knowledge, a change in attitude, a change in behaviour, a change in circumstances, often these can be sourced from evaluations undertaken with participants in your programmes or activities.)

Expenditure categories may include salary / wages, administration, activity costs, consumables, rent etc. 

Attach a copy of your budget below for the project/service (using the budget template above) that indicates what Council would be contributing to. If you have applied to other funders please make clear the status of your application and the amount requested from these sources in your budget.

Attach a copy of your organisation’s most recent set of accounts. If your accounts are audited we will require your most recent audited accounts.

We need a few more details from you to help us process your application.