Holiday programme funding

Information on Council funding for holiday programmes, including eligibility, safety, application form and contact details.


Nelson City & Tasman District Councils provide a range of support to ensure choices in recreation and leisure opportunities for people in our region. We offer assistance to children’s holiday scheme providers through:

  • The Holiday Programme Assistance Scheme
  • Working with NCC / TDC and the OSCAR network to coordinate training and events for providers
  • Running the Big Day Out and holiday workshops
  • Promoting programmes through Boredom Busters magazine

Nelson City Council has a total of $2000 available each year for school holiday programmes (i.e. April, July, October, Summer). The maximum grant allocation per organisation is $1000. There is one funding round each year and funding must be used within 12 months of the grant award being made. Grants can be for one or more holiday programme periods.

Our Priorities

  • Programmes operating in an area of high social need                   
  • Programmes providing affordable holiday activities for families on low incomes
  • Helping providers run a programme that would not otherwise run  
  • Improving safety / staff training  
  • Extending holiday activities to rural communities within NCC boundary

The following projects and associated costs will be considered for funding.

  • Hire of venues
  • Materials/resources directly associated with the programme
  • Transport
  • Hire of specialised tutors
  • General wages
  • Training for staff

Funding will not be allocated to promotional costs. TDC and NCC provide free programme listing in the Boredom Busters magazine.

Who is eligible for funding?

To be eligible for funding interested the holiday programme must:

  1. Benefit children aged 5 -16 living in the Nelson City Council area.
  2. Be open to all members of the community.
  3. Not include any religious teaching, instruction or education.
  4. Provide evidence of quality assurance including a reference from the local Police or OSCAR Regional Coordinator, audited accounts and child protection policy and procedures.
  5. Meet CYF OSCAR standards, or the required Minimum Safety Expectations described in this leaflet.

Get an application form

Download the application form to apply (189KB PDF)

To apply, complete this funding application form and return it to us by 30 August.

Your application needs to show why there is a need for your funding and why you need assistance from Nelson City Council. You need to explain how the funding will be used and describe the other sources of income you have secured or explored. The application also needs to show us that you are able to deliver a safe and relevant programme that benefits the Nelson community.

Minimum safety expectations

Nelson City Council expects that the following guidelines will be met for the activities funded by this grant scheme.

  1. Maintain staff: child ratios of 1:10 on site and 1:8 off-site.
  2. The venue is appropriate for the activity – child friendly, i.e. held in safe and secure environment for children with safe activities appropriate for the age, gender, ethnicity and abilities of the children.
  3. A RAMS (Risk Assessment Management Sheet) must be made up for all activities you intend to deliver with Council funding.
  4. A first aid kit must be carried at all times and access to a phone must be available for each activity.
  5. At least one adult present on the programme (including offsite trips) must have a current First Aid certificate.
  6. All activities/premises/venues must be smokefree.
  7. All volunteers and staff must be aware of the provider’s polices and procedures in relation to any accidents, discipline of children, collection of children, handling of child protection and for dealing with complaints.
  8. Accurate records must be kept of children’s attendance, contact phone numbers, any relevant information on health conditions and medication administered, and accidents/incidents that occur during the programme.
  9. All staff and volunteers working on the programme must have a police check conducted to ensure their suitability to work with children.
  10. Organisations must be aware of and are responsible for their compliance with the Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992.


All funded programmes will be required to complete an accountability report.

Funding, Budgets and GST

  1. If you are GST registered, your budget amounts need to be shown with GST excluded.
  2. If you are not GST registered, your budget amounts need to be GST inclusive.
  3. If your organisation is not legally constituted (i.e. an incorporated society), you can still apply for funding assistance provided you can satisfy the council that you can account for any funds allocated to your organisation.
  4. If your organisation received funding from the Nelson City Council to run a Holiday Programme and for some reason the programme does not operate then the full amount of the subsidy must be returned to the Council with a letter of explanation before 30 June the following year.


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