Urban Design Planning Phase

As part of Council’s commitment to supporting the continued development in Stoke, we are undertaking an urban design study to determine what support is needed.

We held meetings in September 2015, with residents and stakeholders, to understand what Stoke would like to see. 

While we are still undertaking the urban design study, in August 2016, the Works and Infrastructure Committee gave the nod to the road and town centre improvement projects in Stoke that it wants to see move forward in this financial year.

Council has already signalled investment into Stoke redevelopment through the Long Term Plan 2015-25 with a variety of projects. The Committee today looked at short term transport initiatives that can proceed now, using existing budgets, and will be consistent with the proposed broader draft strategy that is under development.

These projects include:

  • Implement Putaitai Street right turn movement for all vehicles onto Main Road Stoke
  • Poormans Stream shared path – (Neale Avenue to Main Road Stoke)
  • Strawbridge Square - Remove raised concrete barriers around trees and close Putaitai Street entrance
  • Improving the layout of the Bail Street (short term) car parks to increase the number available
  • Detailed design of Main Road Stoke traffic calming Stage I - pedestrian central refuge to link proposed civic space at Green Meadows with the commercial centre
  • Concept design of Main Road Stoke traffic calming Stage II – Reduced Speed Zone and associated features to create a village feel so that Stoke can be anchored from a civic and commercial perspective

The Committee has also recommended that Council bring forward funding for the construction on the Stage 1 traffic calming by a year so it will be available in 2017/18.

Other projects have been earmarked for future consideration and budget allocation but the Committee have selected those listed above as achievable, affordable first steps in the longer term plan to make Stoke an even better place.

Further discussions about the projects will take place with those affected within the community as work progresses over the coming months.