Animal control

Council's Animal Control unit provides services and information regarding dog control and wandering stock. Dog control services include lost and found dogs, registration information, help with problem dogs and advice to dog owners.

The Council delivers its animal control service through a contractor, Environmental Inspections Limited. The contractor provides a 24/7 service for picking up stray dogs, dealing with dog attacks and wandering stock.

The Animal Control Unit has a close working relationship with key stakeholders in the community such as the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPCA), local veterinarians and also has a close working relationship with their counterpart officers working at Tasman District Council.

Contact details for all animal control matters

Phone 03 546 0200 (24/7 service).

Wandering stock

Council is responsible for control of wandering stock, which includes horses, asses, mules, cattle, deer, alpacas and small animals, sheep, goats, pigs. It does NOT include wild animals such as wild (feral) goats and pigs.

Cats and other animals

Council provides a service for cat control through a service level agreement with the Nelson SPCA. For any information about cat traps or to report a problem with a cat or if you have queries or complaints regarding other types of animal, please contact the Nelson SPCA on 03 547 7171 weekdays from 9.30am to 5.00pm.


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