Total Mobility passenger transport

Nelson Tasman door-to-door transport services for people with disabilities

Total Mobility is a door-to-door passenger transport scheme designed to use regular taxi vehicles and modified taxis for wheelchair access. Its purpose is to increase the mobility of people with disabilities, so that they may access passenger transport in a similar fashion to others in the community.

In the Nelson and Tasman regions, the Nelson City Council administers the Total Mobility Scheme, with Tasman District Council making a contribution towards the budget. The local authorities fund the local share of the budget via rates, with the remainder coming from New Zealand Transport Agency funding.

The scheme entitles eligible people to receive a discount on their taxi fare by way of Total Mobility vouchers subject to local conditions. The vouchers can be used in other regions of New Zealand where a local authority operates the scheme subject to that authority's conditions. The current discount rate is 50% to a maximum discount of $10 per trip.

Nelson Tasman Total Mobility operates within the regions administered by Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council:

  • Northeast of Nelson City to the Marlborough District Council boundary at the Rai Saddle
  • Nelson City and suburbs
  • South including urban and rural Richmond, Hope, Brightwater and Wakefield to Buller District Council boundary south of Murchison
  • Northwest to Mapua, Motueka and Golden Bay

Participating transport services operators

Nelson City and Richmond Total Mobility operators, including northeast of city, southwest of Richmond and Mapua
Company Phone number Notes
Freedom Companion Driving Services (03) 539 4856 or (021) 355 843
Nelson City Taxis +64 3 548 8225 (includes 5 wheelchair hoist equipped vehicles)
Sun City Taxis +64 3 548 2666  
Ray of Sunshine Assisted Living +64 3 544-5004
Driving Miss Daisy +64 3 547 2133
Motueka Total Mobility operators, including north to Marahau and south to Mapua, Moutere valley and Motueka valley
Company Phone number Notes
Motueka regional Ambulance +64 3 528 7645 or 027 221 2122 (For people requiring wheelchair hoist vehicle only)
Golden Bay Total Mobility operators
Company Phone number
There are currently no participating transport operators in Golden Bay.

Who can use Total Mobility

This scheme is only available to people with a disability which impairs their mobility to a level that stops them from using a public bus service or requires the constant assistance of another person. All applicants are assessed for eligibility by an agency approved by the Council.

Eligibility criteria

An eligible person must have an impairment that prevents them from undertaking any one or more of the following five components of a journey unaccompanied, on a bus, train or ferry in a safe and dignified manner:

  • Getting to the place from where the transport depart
  • Getting onto the transport
  • Riding securely
  • Getting off transport
  • Getting to the destination

Acceptable reasons could be inability or difficulty to:

  • Walk 500 metres unaided, approximate distance from Nelson's clock tower up Trafalgar Street to Hardy Street
  • Understand and follow directions, comumunicate clearly with others, read timetables and place names
  • Understand and use available information to assist you to plan and undertake short journeys by public transport
  • Enter and exit public transport safely unaided
  • Taking responsibility for ones own personal safety and dignity throughout the journey
  • Handle money to purchase the required fare

How to join Total Mobility

The agencies listed below are responsible for assessing people's eligibility to join the Total Mobility Scheme and issuing the Total Mobility vouchers. These agencies are permitted to charge an assessment fee. We suggest you join an agency that provides services for people with a similar disability to your own.

Please note that being a member of a Total Mobility agency, having a disability and the fact that your area of Nelson City/Tasman District is not covered by a public bus service, does not automatically make you eligible for Total Mobility vouchers.

Approved Total Mobility agencies contact details

Agency Phone number
Age Concern Richmond +64 3 544 7624
CCS Disability Action Nelson Marlborough +64 3 548 4479
Epilepsy NZ (Nelson) +64 3 546 6398 or 0800 202 122
Idea Services Nelson (IHC) +64 3 538 1100
Royal NZ Foundation for the Blind +64 3 547 6616 or 0800 243 333
SF Nelson (Mental health) +64 3 546 6090
Stroke Foundation +64 3 545 8177 or 025 216 0675

Join the scheme

Contact one of the above-listed agencies to join the scheme. To apply you can either download the application form below or pick up a copy from the Nelson City Council customer service centre. Completed forms should be returned to the assessment agency.

Find out more

For more information or assistance contact

Customer Service Team
Nelson City Council
PO Box 645 Nelson 7040
+64 3 546 0200


Mobility Parking Permit

The Mobility Parking Permit is a different scheme, which is administered by

CCS Disability Action Nelson Marlborough
+64 3 548 4479

Parking Concessions for Mobility Parking Permit
Parking space Concession
P30 Time Limited Zone double time to 60 minutes
P30 Metered Space (after initial payment) double time to 60 minutes
P60 Time Limited Zone double time to 120 minutes
P60 Metered Space (after initial payment) double time to 120 minutes
Pay and Display Pay for the first hour and the next hour is free

Your permit allows you to park in designated Mobility Car Parks in all private car parks, for example shopping malls, hospitals and supermarkets.

No concessions

  • There are no concessions for parking in a designated Mobility Car Park where Time Limits apply
  • There are no concessions for parking under 30 minutes, for example P15, P10, P5, P3, P2
  • There are no concessions for parking in time zones P120 or P180

UK mobility parking badges accepted in Nelson

Nelson City Council accepts UK parking badge, please check with other local authorities if travelling around New Zealand; most do accept it.