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The Trafalgar Centre is currently closed for public use after receiving further information and advice on the Trafalgar Centre’s susceptibility to earthquake risk. For the latest updates on the reopening project - please click here.

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The Trafalgar Centre is the largest indoor multi-purpose events centre in the Nelson / Tasman Region. Built in the early 1970s as a sports stadium, the Centre also hosts major cultural and entertainment events and exhibitions. As well as the main stadium, it features the Victory Room, a popular venue for smaller events.

Where is the Trafalgar Centre?

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7 Paru Paru Rd
Nelson 7010, New Zealand
+64 3 539 1301

Booking the Trafalgar Centre


Provisional bookings are currently being taken for events after August 2016. If you would like to place a booking or enquire about availability, please contact Brent Maru on

What's on at the Trafalgar Centre

For a list of events taking place at the Trafalgar Centre, visit the region's events online database,


Trafalgar Centre northern end upgrade to progress

Council is moving ahead with the plans to upgrade the Northern End of the Trafalgar Centre. It has adopted in principle the draft concept plans prepared by Arthouse Architecture for that end of the building.

Staff have been instructed to carry out a further round of consultation with the groups who currently use the Trafalgar Centre and with the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce before preparing detailed plans.

The revised plans for the multi use events centre will then be reported back to the Council, along with cost estimates.

The proposed upgrade includes the replacement of the kitchen and toilets, a more accessible entrance, an upgrade of the foyer and office, tiered seating to the north end of the stadium and exhibition/convention space.

Past upgrades

In the past few years, essential upgrades for fire safety and seating have brought the Centre closer to being a truly multi-purpose venue.

Maintenance requirements and upgrade options were determined via extensive stakeholder consultation and through a comprehensive asset inspection. Based on the outcome of this process, a 10-year Maintenance Programme has been developed and a number of upgrade options have been prepared.

2009 upgrade

The current upgrade on the 35 year old facility started in late 2007 with conservation and sustainability measures built into the extensions. The improvements to the southern end of the building as well as internal alterations have given new functionality to the facility.

Internal improvements to the existing building include:

  • the installation of acoustic tiles across the curved roof
  • acoustic panels along both western and eastern walkways
  • improved lighting over the fixed seating areas and walkways
  • improved heating over the fixed seating on either side of the stadium
  • better passive ventilation of the stadium by introducing a central vent at the apex of the roof and improved ventilation along the western walkway
  • floor sanding and resealing of the existing timber floor
  • the installation of sprinklers providing better fire protection
  • the construction of new public toilets
  • two new change rooms and new storage space at floor level under the eastern seats

The southern extension also gives the Trafalgar Centre:

  • better docking and unloading facilities for large vehicles, including the ability to drive through the stadium
  • a stronger floor allowing for a wider range of uses
  • new storage space for chairs, equipment etc.
  • increased sprung timber floor area providing one extra basketball/netball court
  • 460 additional mobile seats providing a variety of configurations
  • public toilets on both western and eastern upper levels with lobbies overlooking the extension
  • stage and associated services located at one end
  • additional adjustable staging allowing a maximum stage size of 16metres x 16metres
  • greater floor to ceiling height over the stage with gantries and improved fixing points, space for lighting and stage props providing the ability to host a greater variety of events and shows
  • permanent stage curtains

The upgrade has taken into account the latest methods of sustainability and incorporated a number of environmental considerations, including:

  • rainwater from the extension roof is collected and used for flushing all new toilets and for garden watering
  • flushing valves are used for all toilets providing unlimited controlled flushing
  • all urinal flushing is controlled by motion sensors
  • stormwater runoff from paving runs first to gardens and then subsoil drains before connecting to stormwater drains
  • passive ventilation is achieved through the central roof vent and wall vents
  • all lighting for toilets and change rooms is controlled by motion/sound sensors
  • a combination of fluorescents and LEDs are used in the change rooms and toilets to save energy costs
    Community Services Committee Chair Pete Rainey says architects Arthouse Architecture ensured the upgrade was as energy efficient as possible within the budget and he’s delighted with the result. “The improvements have extended the life of the facility for many years.”

Please note all Nelson City Council facilities are smokefree