City of Nelson Civic Trust

The City of Nelson Civic Trust is an independent non-profit organisation established in 1973.

It provides an opportunity for people to contribute funds for developing cultural, artistic and social amenities for the enjoyment of the people of Nelson City and our visitors and to ensure that historic landmarks can be preserved for future generations. Funds are accrued by bequests, donations, annual monetary gifting or gifts of assets such as land, buildings or works of art. Grants for substantial specific projects are also received from relevant donor organisations. The Trust is a registered charitable trust so donations are eligible for tax rebates.

How your donation is helping Nelson

Over the last 40 years an exciting and diverse array of projects has been funded by the donors to the City of Nelson Civic Trust. More recent initiatives are additions to floodlighting of the Nelson Cathedral tower and in the Queen's Gardens, stained glass windows in the new Museum and the Cathedral, an art sculpture and performance venue in the 1903 square and interpretative panels in a number of locations of historical importance.  Long-established amenities include the Trevor Horne Heritage Trail, the South Street Historic precinct project and the development of the Foster property at Monaco as a public reserve. See a full list of the Civic Trust's prior projects.

How the funds are raised and managed

Individuals, businesses and organisations can make gifts, donations, grants or bequests to the City of Nelson Civic Trust at any time by contacting the Trust Secretary. The Trust provides the city's benefactors with the assurance that their specific wishes, if any, will be carried out and that their generosity will directly benefit the community. Find out more about making a donation.

Donations, gifts and bequests are prudently invested by the Trustees and the annual income is used for a wide range of projects. Since the establishment of the Trust in 1973, more than $500,000 has been gifted to amenities for the general benefit and enjoyment of the people of Nelson.

As a registered charitable Trust, the City of Nelson Civic Trust is also able to receive tax deductible bequests or donations for a nominated project and to then transfer these specific funds to the relevant organisation. Property or assets can also be gifted to be managed by the Trust for the benefit of the people of Nelson.

The Trustees are all locally selected people committed to advancing the purposes and objects of the Trust and to prudently managing its resources.

Annual Reports

Current Trustees

  • Roger Nicholson, Chairperson
  • Rachel Dodd
  • Murray Farrant
  • Mary Gavin, Deputy Chairperson
  • Jeremy Glasgow
  • Kay Hill
  • Cathy Knight
  • Hamish Neale
  • Glenn Roberts
  • Clare Hadley (ex officio) CEO Nelson City Council
Current trustees on orientation

Current trustees on orientation

Trust Secretary and contact details

The Administration Adviser at Nelson City Council serves as Trust secretary. They can be contacted on +64 3 546 0200 or you can email the Trust Secretary.