Regional Land Transport Plan 2015-2018 ('RLTP')

This plan has been reviewed and a revised version is now available for feedback until 9 February 2018. Read more about it and have your say here. 

A successful transport system is a pre requisite to ensuring Nelson continues to be a healthy and successful community.

The main purpose of the Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) is to set out the region’s land transport objectives, policies, and measures for the next 10 financial years using national funding. In developing this plan the Top of the South aspirations have been aligned with the national outcomes as outlined in the Draft Government’s Policy Statement on Land Transport. The final document will be included in the Transport Agency’s National Land Transport Programme 2015–18.

The Top of the South councils, in partnership with the New Zealand Transport Agency, have collaborated to develop a joint Regional Land Transport Plan that aims to provide the community with an efficient, safe and resilient road network.

The Plan represents a consensus view of the Regional Transport Committee, 


Download the Regional Land Transport Plan (4.3MB PDF)


For any queries, please contact Senior Asset Engineer Transport Engineer on +64 3 546 0263.


regional-land-transport-strategy-0609.pdf (pdf, 1.2 MB)