Land Development Manual 2010

What is the Land Development Manual?

The Nelson City Council Land Development Manual 2010 forms the basis for design and construction of all Nelson City’s roads, drains, water supply and reserve areas. The Land Development Manual is a revision of, and replacement for, the Nelson City Council Engineering Standards 2003.

Council has a role as Asset Manager and has the ability to determine the type and standard of assets that are allowed to connect to Council’s reticulated systems, or that will be taken over by Council, or works on NCC assets. Council can insist upon the new standards in the Land Development Manual being complied with.


Land Development Manual 2010 downloads

Section NumberSection Text downloads (PDF)Standard drawings downloads (PDF)
  Foreword (111 KB PDF) No drawings for this section
1 Introduction & General Provisions No drawings for this section
2 Process & Information land-development-manual-standard-drawings-200-series.pdf
3 Legal Responsibilities for Council Assets No drawings for this section
4 Transport land-development-manual-standard-drawings-400-series.pdf
5 Stormwater land-development-manual-standard-drawings-500-series.pdf
6 Wastewater land-development-manual-standard-drawings-600-series.pdf
7 Water land-development-manual-standard-drawings-700-series.pdf
8 Trenching & Reinstatement land-development-manual-standard-drawings-800-series.pdf
9 Earthworks land-development-manual-standard-drawings-900-series.pdf
10 Electrical & Streetlighting land-development-manual-standard-drawings-1000-series.pdf
11 Telecommunications Utilities land-development-manual-standard-drawings-1100-series.pdf
12 Reserves & Landscaping land-development-manual-standard-drawings-1200-series.pdf

Download the Street Tree Guidelines.

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