Enviroschools is working towards a vision to have a generation of innovative and motivated young people, who instinctively think and act sustainably. It does this through a whole school approach to environmental education. Students develop skills, understanding, knowledge and confidence through planning, designing and creating a sustainable school. Action projects undertaken by enviroschools have both environmental and educational outcomes that benefit the school and the wider community.

Enviroschools takes an holistic approach to environmental education. This approach is also known as education for a sustainable future, education for sustainable development or sustainable education. Whatever the title it is a big subject! An effective learning process would aim to:

  • Help people think creatively ... AND not just from their own world view but acknowledging other perspectives.
  • Lead to action on current sustainability issues ... AND involve planning and decision-making by people of all ages.
  • Result in long-term behaviour change ... AND critical reflection on lifestyle choices, attitudes and values.

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