Saxton Stadium

The 7,000m2 facility houses

  • 5 basketball or netball courts
  • 12 volleyball courts
  • dedicated table tennis hall
  • sports administration offices for several sports codes

Non sporting uses of the stadium can be approved, depending on space availability.

Saxton Stadium sign

Main sports hall

The 3,800 m2 floor area (39.1 m wide by 98.0 m long) will enable the optimum utilisation and maximum flexibility including national volleyball, netball and basketball tournament events.

Room is available for 500 seats in banks of moveable retractable seating units in the main sports hall. 

Dimensions and courts per sport are:


5 club courts require a 96.25m long main floor (2m run off at sides with 4m separations between courts and 3m run off at ends) or 4 Netball NZ fully compliant courts require a 93.4m long main floor (8.2m separations between courts for run-off, signage and officials and 37.1m length for 3m run off plus signage space at ends)


Five club level courts require a 95.0m long main floor (4m separations between courts and 2m run off at ends)


Twelve (12) club courts (3m side separations between courts and 3m run off to side walls and at ends) or 8 courts of national standard (3m run-off on all sides or 6.0m separations between courts at both sides and ends) this will require a 96.0m long main floor

The court layout and markings will need to enable the main sports floor to be used with as much flexibility as possible. Ideally the main floor should be able to be divided so that two netball and two basketball courts can operate concurrently or an equivalent area for volleyball can operate at the same time as either netball or basketball.

Sports administration

Sports House at the stadium is the regional hub for sports administration for many codes in the Top of the South.

Facility management and bookings 

The Tasman Regional Sports Trust manage the Saxton Stadium. Phone is +64 3 538 0072 or e-mail.

Fees and charges

Fees and charges for Saxton Stadium
Hire 2016 - 2017 Base Price (Excludes GST unless otherwise stated)

Private social functions (eg weddings and birthdays)

Saxton Pavilion (all day)  $        650.00
Pavilion (Evening)  $        325.00
Pavilion (Morning/Afternoon)  $        285.00
Half Pavilion (Full Day)  $        135.00
Half Pavilion(Evening)  $         98.00
Half Pavilion (Morning/Afternoon)  $        78.00
Full Pavilion Per Hour  $          24.00
Half Pavilion Per Hour  $          18.00

Meeting-non commercial/cultural and community events

Whole Building and Pavilion  $      3,600.00
Stadium (Full Day)  $      3,000.00
Stadium (Half Day)  $      2,500.00
Half Stadium Full day  $      2,350.00
Half Stadium half day  $      1,750.00
Saxton Pavilion (all day)  $        250.00
Pavilion (Evening)  $        200.00
Pavilion (Morning/Afternoon)  $        125.00
Half Pavilion (Full Day)  $        125.00
Half Pavilion(Evening)  $          90.00
Half Pavilion (Morning/Afternoon)  $          70.00
Full Pavilion Per Hour  $          22.00
Half Pavilion Per Hour  $          15.00

Sport activities and practice

Whole Building and Pavilion  $      2,900.00
Stadium (Full Day)  $      2,550.00
Stadium (Half Day)  $      1,750.00
Half Stadium Full day  $      1,750.00
Half Stadium half day  $      1,250.00
*Basketball Court (per hour)  $       38.00 - includes GST
*Netball Court (per hour)  $          38.00 - includes GST
*Volleyball Court (per hour)  $          20.00 - includes GST
*Badminton Court (per hour)  $          15.00 - includes GST

Miscellaneous hires agreed with operator

Shower  $            2.00

Commercial use (Seminars or Expos)

Full Pavilion (all day)  $        800.00
Pavilion (Evening)  $        525.00
Pavilion (Morning/Afternoon)  $        525.00
Half Pavilion (Full Day)  $        425.00
Half Pavilion (Evening)  $        315.00
Half Pavilion (Morning/Afternoon)  $        315.00

History of Saxton Stadium

Saxton Stadium was officially opened on Thursday 22 October 2009 by His Excellency, The Hon Sir Anand Satyanand, the Governor-General of New Zealand. Nelson MP Nick Smith and both the Nelson City and Tasman District Mayors were also in attendance.

Funding for the $12 million facility was provided primarily by Nelson City Council, with a significant contribution by Tasman District Council and generous grants from the New Zealand Community Trust, Canterbury Community Trust, and the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board. The Saxton Field Stadium Society also contributed to the project, overseeing the construction phases through 2009.

Please note all Nelson City Council facilities are smokefree.