Rubbish collection and disposal

Find out about rubbish collection services in Nelson. Rubbish collection is operated on a 'user pays' system provided by commercial operators.

General refuse bag collection service

Two companies offer a rubbish bag collection service; both are user pays systems. Please contact them directly for all information, including collection days. 

Nelmac Nelson

PLEASE NOTE: Nelmac has changed their rubbish collection days to coincide with Council's kerbside recycling collection days. Visit their website to confirm your rubbish collection day.

2 Bullen Street, Tahunanui, Nelson 
Tel: 03 546 0910
Email :

Can Plan

23 Forests Road
Nelson 7011
Phone: 547 0642

Bags from Nelmac  are available for purchase from the Council office in Trafalgar Street or you can contact the both companies directly for details on where else bags can be purchased. Both will accept bags (at no extra charge) if you miss you collection. For Can Plan customers, drop it off at the Forests Road depot. For Nelmac customers, drop it off at the Pascoe Street Transfer Station.

General refuse wheelie bin collections 

The companies listed below offer a range of bin collection services. Please contact them directly to find out what they offer:

Can Plan

23 Forests Road
Nelson 7011
Phone: 547 0642

EnviroWaste Services Limited

42 Quarantine Road
Nelson 7011
Phone: 547 3389
0800 240 120
Urgent after hours: 027 449 1247

Nelmac Limited

2 Bullen Street
Nelson 7010
Phone: 546 0910

Waste Management

36 Venice Place
Nelson 7010
Phone: 548 1166

For missed bags/collections, please refer directly to the service provider. 

Transfer station

The Council runs a transfer station in Vivian Place (off Pascoe Street) Tahunanui, for car, trailer, and small truck loads of waste. There are restrictions on hazardous waste that will be accepted. Phone +64 3 548 5760

Hours of operation
Days Hours of operation
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm
Saturday (summer, 1 Sept - 31 Apr) 8.00am - 4.30pm
Saturday (winter, 1 May - 31 Aug) 9.00am - 4.30pm
Sunday and public holidays 10.00am - 4.30pm
Tuesday Night (during daylight saving) 8.00am - 7.00pm
Anzac Day 1.00pm - 4.30pm
Good Friday, Christmas Day, New Years Day CLOSED


Charges including GST 
Waste Green waste General refuse
0.0 - 0.5m³ (car boot) (minimum charge) $15.00 per load $23 per load
0.5 - 1.0m³ $30.00 per load $46 per load
1.0 - 1.5m³ $45.00 per load $69 per load
1.5 - 2.0m³ $60.00 per load $92 per load
thereafter $30.00 per m³ $46 per load
Commercial operators dumping hardfill / demolition material   $180.00 per m³
Tyres - Car   $7.00 per tyre
Tyres - Truck   $20.00 per tyre
Tyres - On rim   $15.00 per tyre
Tyres - tractor or similar, off rim   $70.00 per tyre


Hazardous waste (household only)
Asbestos will not be accepted at  the Transfer Station.
Hazardous waste Charge
0 - 2kg (household only-per load) Free
thereafter (household only) $2.00 per kg

Kerbside recycling

Kerbside recycling is easy, and will save you money. Learn more in our recycling section.


The Council operates a landfill in York Valley, Bishopdale, but only for commercial operators and compacted loads from the Transfer Station. Strict controls are exercised on the dumping of hazardous waste and liquid waste. For enquires on this please contact the Council. Phone +64 3 546 0200.

Hours of operation
Days Hours of operation
Monday - Friday 8.00am - 4.30pm
Saturday 12noon - 4.00pm
Sunday & public holidays CLOSED

Download the asbestos disposal manifest and certificate form. (546KB PDF)


Charges including GST
Waste From 1 July 2017
All Rubbish (except as below) $137.00 per tone
Buried rubbish (e.g. documents, odourous materials) $137.00 per tonne (plus all associated costs)
Asbestos $137.00 per tonne (plus all associated costs)
Light waste (e.g. polystyrene or similar) $1800.00 per tonne


York Valley Landfill Hail Material rates including GST
Quantity Cost per tonne (excl. GST)
From 1 July 2017
Weighbridge Cost Code

0 – 17,000 Tonne

$107.25 per tonne


> 17,000 Tonne

$101.30 per tonne


Soil that has been tested, meets the NESCS recreation standards and can be used as construction or cover material. Residential only. 

$71.50 per tonne


 Cleanfill material, free of contamination, subject to approval

No charge


7 -35 tonne quantities from A10 sites may be accepted without testing. Only commercial transporters are allowed to enter the landfill (no private individuals). A manifest must be completed with site plan and plot number from where material was sourced.

Other hazardous waste

Other hazardous waste from your home must also be taken to the Transfer Station instead of going out with your rubbish, including:

  • Plant and pest sprays
  • Waste oil
  • LPG bottles
  • Household chemicals
  • Paints and wood stains
  • Certain light bulbs and batteries - refer to the manufacturers advice

Wet paint cannot be disposed of at the Transfer Station. Please arrange disposal with the paint manufacturer or a paint store.

A10 HAIL Acceptance Criteria York Valley Landfill

No testing required prior to acceptance (NCC to Test)

  • Tonnage 7> to <35Tonne
  • Only material from A10 site not multiple classifications
  • Only material from within Nelson city boundaries will be accepted.
  • Only commercial transporters are allowed to enter the landfill (no private individual)
  • Manifest to be completed with site plan and plot number. 

From 1 Sept 2017, there is a fee of $71.50 per ton rate for soil that has been tested, meets the NESCS recreation standards and can be used as construction or cover material. Residential only.

Find out more

You can get more information about safe disposal of hazardous waste on the Ministry for the Environment website.

Go to the Ministry for the Environment's website.

Waste Management Plan

The Council adopted the Joint Waste Management and Minimisation Plan in April 2012. The vision of this plan is: "valuing resources and minimising waste".

Cutting down the amount of waste we generate and discard, so that the community uses all its resources efficiently and at a sustainable rate, is the long term challenge for Nelson.